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Joker APP & Metamining
main features, benefits and opportunities.
The Joker Smile mobile app is a radical new look at the approach to utilising the power of NFT and the idea of mining. The principle of our NFT project is the ethical use of human resources and time to influence and develop WEB3 community.

The main feature are tokens that are created with the direct involvement of humans and their resources. Specifically, the NFT project has 7 different NFT cards, each of which talks about the workings of one of the 7 chakras in the human body, and how a person can utilise and develop a particular chakra. It's also about meditation (verbal and non-verbal attunement of psychosomatic perception) and yoga practice, for example.

So, it all starts with NFTs, which can now be found on platforms such as OpenSea,, Getgems, and the number of partner platforms will only increase during the year (negotiations with some global marketplaces are now underway).
The user can then connect his WEB 3 wallet (through which the NFT asset was purchased) to the Joker application. After that the application becomes your pocket assistant (a desktop version is also planned, but it will be a surprise), first of all it will remind you of the verbal meditation practice and help you develop self-control and discipline.
And then the Joker's Smile game will begin!

More information at the link.

The concept of Joker is built in such a way that your time and efforts are not wasted, they are converted into utility tokens that are sent to your Web 3 wallet.

This is what metamining is all about. This approach is quite simple and familiar to many, it is based on the classic principle of cryptocurrency mining, but with one cardinal difference, and that is the goal. The goal is a reference to the participant's mental and "energy" activity. In other words, a participant of the Joker app can be guaranteed to mine one token within 7 minutes. And that's exactly what metamining is all about - you create a token for using your time and energy.

And as stated in the rules, after accumulating 21 tokens in your account, you can become part of the global blockchain community within DAO Era Nova.
DAO "Era Nova"
Projection equipment: slide projectors, presentations, overhead projectors, and computer projectors.
As the demand for blockchain technology grows and the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralised technologies develops, questions from communities of all sizes and government agencies are increasingly being raised. This is why the DAO principle helps to address such issues.

It is through DAO that any society can clearly, easily and transparently make decisions based on the voices of the community.Book design is the art of combining the content, style, format, design and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole. According to Jan Zichold, a book designer, "Methods and rules that cannot be perfected have been developed over centuries. To create perfect books, these rules need to be brought back to life and applied."
DAO is based on several principles:
- The project itself was created as a tool to help different communities around the world, i.e. in a certain sense it is a charity.
- The main goal is to attract people to help others and to influence decision-making on this help.
- Funds for certain humanitarian projects are collected through an internal economic structure - the issuance of crypto-tokens with subsequent sale (sale on the exchange or use as a means of payment).
- The issuance of tokens is realised by its own approach - "metamining", the value and principles of which are not formed against the background of the general cryptocurrency or financial market.

The very idea of using DAO is based on the principles of blockchain architecture, which allows to create the necessary level of protection and transparency of the whole system, in such important aspects as voting, transfer/realisation of funds and further coverage of the project.

In our case, it is equally important to respect the concept of equality of all community members. Of course, there are different levels of possibilities, but it directly depends on the level of immersion in the Meta Joker project.
Formation of tokenomics
In the beginning we will provide participants with a mobile application in which for each implementation of the formula, the participant is given a project token in a certain amount, further the participant uses this token as a Governance token DAO in ERA NOVA, administration token, where REAL OFFLINE projects of social character are accepted by voting. Prototype States 2.0.

To fund a project, the DAO can issue cryptographic project assets - tokens, which can then be sold on the open market through crowdfunding. The process of issuing tokens (ICO) is similar in its operating model to the first public sale of IPO shares. Investors can purchase project tokens in any convenient currency: US dollars, euros, bitcoins and so on. The buyer of the token gets the right to resell, gift, or exchange it for a token of another project within the DAO.

We have introduced a Community Token, which is a tool for crowdfunding campaigns to fund good causes.

This token is designed to incentivise the long-term storage of funds in DAO, as project token holders receive additional income on a one-time basis due to successful asset voting for DAO projects. The community token is a work in progress and will be finally launched once the DAO is fully technically formed.

The actual value is assigned to the project token through its integration into the application. As long as the project has value, the token associated with it also has value. The actual value of the token is determined by trading on the open market, which is formed naturally.
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