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The Meta Joker project was created by a group of meta-psychologists and crypto enthusiasts from the Era Nova community, as a psychotherapeutic method of self-realization of Man

Meta Community Era Nova is founded with the aim of fulfill moral norms and universal system of ethical interaction of Human with various forms of life and spheres of the universe based on the recognition of the ethics of reciprocity and self-worth of all manifestations of Life.

Our info-source Era Nova awakens Consciousness, the power of the Spirit and the power of intelligence in you. We unite the awakened representatives of Humanity to form the Intelligent Society of the New Era. We all are a new, noble, in the Image and Likeness, Intelligent Planetary People. We are the people of the Reciprocity culture. Our daily activities contribute to the creation and preservation of Peace in our house - planet Earth.

We, the Humanity of the New Age, carry out the following goals and objectives:

0. (axiom) The way of evolution of Mankind includes enmity and military action, we have eliminated and transferred to the category of alternative realities!

  1. The revival and development of viable methods for the self-realization of Man and the evolution of our civilization;
  2. Finding and implementing measures that prevent and eliminate conflicts and enmity between peoples belonging to various national, cultural and religious communities;
  3. Creating a DAO as an energy-information ecosystem and ecological environment that aims to ethically improve and thrive society;
  4. Mastering diverse philosophical-historical, cultural, meta-psychological and spiritual experiences.

All activities of the Era Nova initiative are aimed at awakening and expanding the consciousness of Human. The Community of the Reciprocity Culture actively participates in the meta-formation of the planetary egregore programs aimed on moral and ethical improvement of our modern society.

What is the benefit to society, what problem does our project solve?

  • realize ones purpose;
  • gain physical and mental health;
  • gain awareness, balance and harmony in life;
  • heal the past and transform all your experience into the Force;
  • to know the effect of the Laws of the Universe;

Our creative team "Era Nova" has a rich experience in the field of energy-information technologies and metapsychology. We conducted research of the influences of religion, secret orders and official science on the moral and economic development of society, the influences of info-psychological impact on the consciousness of the individual and society.

We are experts in the methods of programming and implementing measures that prevent and eliminate conflicts and enmity between peoples, using the principle of social justice based on the Law of Reciprocity.

We, Humanity, have come to the need to consciously adopt a new, or well-forgotten old ethical system of values and priorities, a system of life and relationships!

In the current time, there is absolutely no moral regulation in the world of cryptocurrencies, NFT and metaverse.

By our joint efforts, our creative team, having created a P2B format, makes its modest contribution to the moral recovery and the ethical development of the entire crypto-world. It was for the purpose of ethical ordering of the crypto community that the format of P2B was created, as a moral measure of Internet games, projects, platforms, etc., with the principle of reciprocity in the whole base.

Our project is based on the Reciprocity ethics - "one should treat others as they themselves would like to be treated". By this we remind each person that one is actually a Homo sapiens, that the Earth is the House where one lives, and is the same living organism, as well as us all.

As the living organism, the Planet develops constantly and improves throughout time. At the moment the evolutionary forces of the Earth extract the next way of development of the Human civilization. A way that we know by the names of: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, P2B, P2E, NFT, Metaverse, WEB 3.0, VR, etc.

This new round of the Meta Evolution gives a very strong hint to the Mankind. That this world is illusory, and the mankind participates in it by the same principles as in the games created by us, where Reciprocity ethics is the basic rule, following which gives an advantage (Benefit).

Each nation on the Earth has the historical and evolutionary mission that aimed to the development of all Planet as a living organism. And development of humanity, as a united Family of equal persons. There are neither bad, nor good nations. Throughout the centuries, each nation makes the contribution to creation of Uniform Mankind as Reasonable metaphysical Part of the Universe.

As long as we don't see Ourselves in each and every Person, nobody From above would not let us out to the outer Space, for the Universe will be infested by us as by an infectious virus, with a nuclear cudgel atilt, wreaking havoc, distemper, contention, rage and hatred all around.

Therefore we have to create peace, harmony and beauty on Earth. Each piece of Earth has to resemble a well cleaned room, without stubs, scraps of polyethylene or plastic. Our condition of Spirit and health, first of all, depend on purity of our House - the planet Earth.

In this corporate-law conception, the Golden Rule stands as a criteria that helps to establish, whether any action doesn't go against the natural Justice Laws, highlighting the three forms of the Golden Rule:

  1. Justice (justum - lat.) - Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated;
  2. Decency (de­corum - lat.) - Treat others as you would like others to treat you;
  3. Respect (honestum - lat.) - What you wish to do for others, you do yourself .

The first tow principles are generalized in the international law and politics, when the last one - in ethics.

The Golden Rule genetically represents the rejection of the revenge ethics, that embodied in the custom of the blood feud (eye to eye). The humankind has come to a need to transfer to the collective responsibility of the Humanity, and also to break the "foe-or-friend" division that could be balanced only with the mutual recognition of the ethics that embodied in the Golden Rule .

The evolution of morality is a high level of self-control and discipline of Consciousness.

We live in the society, where we are divided and forced to fight with each other. Unless we come together in awareness, we have no chances of survival.

Join meta-community ERA NOVA if you see what happens to this world, if you have common sense, and you want to take responsibility for the life into your hands, without shifting it to politicians.

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