The end and a new beginning of the NFT

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The Future of NFT

Many crypto experts in conversations about the future of cryptocurrency not once agreed in the opinion that NFT technology has a huge potential and prospects for development, but not in its current form (useless pictures on a HYIP). 

"NFTs have to transform or else most of them will not survive this Bear Market, they will simply be forgotten about as a past trend. NFT will begin to make sense and benefit the individual, such as the NFT-key, a token that gives access to hidden information or a resource/site, or as a symbol of recognition/participation in a particular group of like-minded people. Among other things NFT has a great potential in the accounting, legal and business sectors, because the paperwork and paperwork associated with it causes a lot of inconvenience to everyone involved, and is moreover bad for the environment. 
This is the future of NFT, to the benefit of mankind". 

The transformation of NFTs has already begun and the hype around regular NFTs (hundreds of identical pictures with no meaning or artistic value) is noticeably subsiding and the demand for them is falling.

One of the first evolutionary transformations was the creation of a new token concept called NFCT. Though in terms of standards, NFCT still builds on the basic types of smart contracts that conventional NFTs are built on, including ERC-721, ERC-1155, BUT in terms of meaning they have dramatically different, and there is no doubt that the NFCT token format will move to its own unique token standard in the future.

More about NFCT

NFCT (non-fungible and complementary token), or unique complementary token, is a type of cryptographic token each instance of which is unique and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token, but complements the overall picture intended by the author.

The NFCT principle can be thought of as the pieces of a puzzle being put together into a complete picture.

NFCT tokens, in addition to being non-interchangeable, can also complement each other, filling with more meaning the picture/intent created/included by their author. Complementarity is the distinctive feature that allows us to distinguish the non-interchangeable and complementary token (NFCT) from the usual non-interchangeable tokens (NFT). 

The NFCT format was first implemented in a P2B ((Play-to-Benefit) game called Joker Smile. The game created 7 kinds of NFCT tokens that the player had to collect over time in order to gain access to the hidden information that the author had hidden in the tokens. The game was created so that its player through a series of personal tests and challenges changed his life for the better, expanded his thinking and worldview through the acquisition of new skills, knowledge and even skills.

From receiving his first "Joker" (that's the name of the game's NFCT tokens) the player has to fulfill certain conditions, or in other words the rules of the game, before purchasing the next "Joker" and becoming one more step higher to winning the game, namely, to improving himself as a Person, a reasonable Person.

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