The dawn of the New Age of Humanity

On the events in the World and the destination of Ukraine in the evolution of our civilization

Everything that is happening now in our common Home, that we call Planet Earth, is a new round of the Evolution of Spirit, that holds a purpose to show Humanity that Humanity itself is a Creator of its reality, that the World around us exists exactly as long as our idea of this World exists and its structure is exactly as we imagine it to be.

 And each nation on Earth has its historical and evolutionary purpose, aimed to the development and maintenance of the vitality of the entire Planet as a United living organism, and for the development of peoples of the world as One Family of equal Individuals. And One Humanity as an intelligent cosmic organ of the Universe.

 There are no good or bad nations. Each nation over the centuries contributes to the creation of a Reasonable and United Humanity as an integral Part of our multifaceted Universe.

 The more each nation preserves the Golden Rule of Morality, the more complete its contribution to the common cause of Evolution is. Until we are through with seeing of each Human as a reflection of Ourselves, no one from Above will let us out deep into Space with nuclear weapon for in this case we are regarded as a contagious infectious virus for the Universe, sowing confusion, discord, anger and hatred around us (ain't we, Elon Musk?).

 That is why you and I must create Peace, Tranquility, Harmony and Beauty here on Earth. Every bit of Earth should be like a tidied up room, without cigarette butts, carbon, nuclear weapons, polyethylene and plastic. Our state of Spirit and health depends primarily on the Moral purity of our Home, the Earth.

 At the moment, the brain of the Earth, its logical apparatus, is West and America. Its intuition and place of concentration of the Spirit is East, India. Russia - (mother of the Russian cities), is the center where the energy-information waves of the West and the East constantly collide, it is the place where all the Teachings and Religions of the World are gathered at one point of space.

 In Yoga, the heart Chakra is designated as a lotus with 12 petals, where each petal is a channel supplying energy to the whole body. Heart is the place where the interpenetration of Spiritual and Material takes place

In a similar fashion, Ukraine represents the heart of the Earth, and Ukraine's destiny is to bring all the peoples of the planet (to unite Matter and Spirit) through war and suffering, to stop World War 3, for the sake of Peace and preservation of Life, Love and respect for one's fellow countrymen.

 Slavic Peoples and Paganism in their original essence also sought to raise Spirituality to a higher level and make magic to serve the higher goals of Spirit, to give Love to the whole World, - Love that melts anger, hatred, interethnic and inter-regional strife.

  • East perceives and studies the world from within. World and Person are One. By cognizing the self, Man reveals the Universe - the lotus.

  • West is concerned with the outer world, describing the surrounding nature, the Universe, analyzing all things and phenomena; and only in recent years has been trying to unite all the accumulated experience of cognition, and related sciences, such as metaphysics, occultism, the topology of space-time (and more to come) appear.

 In the East, Man, having perfectly known himself, can control the outside world through his own body, emotions and thoughts. In the West, science seeks to create creatures like himself artificially. The Western elite seeks to create techno-economic slavery that "liberates men.

Nature created Man for its own needs and does not allow deviation from the parameters necessary for it, severely punishing Man for leaving his True Path. 

Our Planet, is a living organism, and as a living organism, it is constantly evolving and self-perfecting in Time. We all now live in the era supersession. The Age of Pisces is over, and the Age of Aquarius has almost come into effect. 

Changes of epochs are connected to movement of zodiacal signs by 30 degrees during 2160 years, i.e. sign passes from one zodiacal constellation to another.

 The change of epochs has always led to major upheavals. What we observe nowadays: political, economic, moral and natural cataclysms, is the result of this energy-informational planetary transformation. This is a time of paradigm shift - of the entire worldview. It is no coincidence that in the last decade of the Pisces epoch, serious scientists of physics, metaphysics, psychologists came to esotericism, metaphysics and occultism, and became healers and teachers. At the rim of epoch change there is a cleansing of civilization from nonsense happens, - a kind of a "nullification of Karma".

At the moment the evolution of the Earth is moving into the New Era, which has already presented us new ways of  Human Civilization development, we know them by the names of: P2B, Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFT, Meta-Universe, P2E, WEB3.0, VR... All these methods are aimed to realizing that New Age Mankind should be able to think in unison, be able to think cohesively, strongly and coherently, from what society becomes a truly people of common sense (which is extremely rare in our time, is it not?).

 Humanity of the New Age must have a certain level of morality. And not a "human" morality in the sense of contemporary morality, (for what can be observed nowadays - both in life and in mass media - is not morality at all, but a kind of monkey feast of general egoistic lust, aggression and animal rudeness...), - but a new ethics being put in place.

 And it is getting more and more unbelievable to think that at the age Sunset (end of the epoch change period) at least somebody will be able to preserve a Part of individuality and that Divine Inheritance, the manifestation of which makes a man a Man.

                                             Peace be with you all. Always yours, Zilot.
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