Working principle of Meta Joker formulas

Friends, many have a question, how exactly do Meta Joker formulas work and why do they even work?

In fact, this is a great question to sort out. The principle of the Meta Joker formulas is based on two "columns" - psychology and esotericism.

Psychology and Affirmation

Back in the 19th century, the famous French doctor and psychotherapist Emile Couet discovered the amazing principle of treatment, which became known as the "placebo" effect, but now we are more often such a name as Affirmation. The essence of the principle lies in human psychology and the hidden potential of human capabilities. Through self-deprecation and faith, Emil Kue's patients were cured of diseases much faster than the classical method of treatment, and even overcame the so-called hopeless cases. To this day, disputes do not subside around Kue's technique, since its effectiveness and many confirmed results are difficult not to take into account, but it is not possible to really explain this phenomenon, according to which it is not recognized as classical medicine.

When you read Meta Joker formulas and emotionally feel each stock, you self-program your body to the desired result, and get it. As surprising as it sounds, there are thousands of confirmed cases, and if you still don't believe it, try it yourself ;)

Esoterica and the Chakral System

There are 7 main NFT varieties of Meta Joker mascots, each dedicated to one of the chakras in a thin human body. The formulas in these mascots are designed in such a way that, when reading them and concentrating their attention, it is the specific chakra that a person needs at the moment.

At the time of reading the formula, a person's physiological and hormonal activity of the Pineal and Thyroid glands changes. This is also confirmed by a lot of research and experiments conducted with people practicing yoga and meditation.
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