What are Meta Joker's NFT mascots?

We are often asked what is the essence of the NFT Meta Joker mascots, is there a difference from other NFTs or is it just a picture for collecting?

In short, the difference is so huge. This is a completely different concept, in fact, those aspects that you know about NFT are at best 1/5 of the NFT component of Meta Joker mascots.
The project team did not want to create just NFT with a single meaning, sell it more expensive and enrich it. We were guided by completely different motives and goals much less trivial than enriching ourselves.

We set ourselves a goal, to create a completely transparent structure that will help unite people who want to improve our world with you, create, but do not have a material basis for this. So the idea of creating a DAO Era Nova was born.

NFT Meta Joker mascots are a kind of test, a test for people who are not yet mentally ready to become part of something like this, as they cost money ($77.7) and push for constant improvement of both themselves and the world around them. A person must have a certain maturity of consciousness and understanding of certain aspects of life in order for the article of the world charitable decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Era Nova and the mascots NFT Meta Joker to serve as a kind of key to confirm that he is ready to become part of this movement.

The project team also decided that the NFT Meta Joker mascots should be a full-fledged product, independent of DAO Era Nova, which is beneficial to its owner and capable of an independent fruitful existence, and not just be another beautiful picture.

Meta Joker mascots - this name is given to them for a reason, they have a significant difference from ordinary NFTs, which are a very subjective example of digital art, NFT Meta Joker mascots have functionality and benefits.

These mascots carry a number of features and benefits for all their owners:

- Initially, when buying NFT mascot Meta Joker, the profit from their sale goes to finance DAO Era Nova.

- Secondly, the Meta Joker NFT mascot serves as the key when entering the DAO Era Nova.

- Thirdly, the Meta Joker project has its own ethical game based on the "Golden Rule of Morality" - Joker Smile, the task of which is to improve its participants. The essence of the game is to fulfill 3 rules of the game, subject to which a person becomes the best version of himself.
Each of the 7 NFT types of Meta Joker mascots has its own "magic formula," which the player must pronounce 3 times a day and fulfill the conditions of the game. These formulas are not taken from the ceiling, they are based on the psychotherapeutic principle of research, which has been carried out for more than a dozen years. Also parts of these formulas were taken from various spiritual techniques such as yoga.

All these factors favorably distinguish Meta Joker from other NFT projects related simply to the collection and resale of NFT.
Join the Game, because at the risk of one day you can stay happy for life!
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