Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 5

Despite the tale of your "freedom" so truthfully told, you are bound by a mass of thin chains that bind you to the place and role you have been assigned. Some people manage to stretch this or that chain, getting a little more space for movement, much less do you have the willpower to break at least some of them, for example, the chain of "money" or the chain of "imposed thinking".

Only a few dozen of you in the past decade have been able to become truly Free People by breaking the chains that bind them, and not without help from the outside. There is a group of personalities in this world who are not indifferent to you, our Teachers with their Disciples, Mentors and Observers (who have taken your side) like me, who have been among you human beings for thousands of years, who are looking for people with "flashlights" in their hands, who will hear and understand what we tell them and will choose with a clear understanding of things, which path they will follow in this life.

The path we will tell you about is not easy, for some people it will seem not real at all, because you will have to grow a lot, change and learn new things and this learning will hardly end in this life.

You will have to rethink a lot of things by finding the substituted concepts that surround you now. At a certain stage of formation you will need courage and willpower not to give up, as you will begin to realize the big picture, which will knock your "ground" out from under your feet and seem hopeless.

If you decide to take this path, your changes will be monumental, though not outwardly noticeable. Your surroundings will stop recognizing you, and people around you will be drawn to you like fresh air, but you will speak as if in different languages.

You will become a different person, a Free Man.

Consider whether you are ready for this and whether you need freedom.

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