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So today's question is: What is the best method of preserving the guiding principle of Western society's freedom of speech in the face of the fake news-filled echo chamber mess that 21st-century technology seems to have created for us?

Ilon Musk certainly has a strong opinion on the matter, which is probably why he has just become Twitter's largest shareholder. We can only wait and see what happens, but we're sure it will be eventful either way.

To the moon by Ilon Musk
A few days ago, Ilon asked his Twitter followers if the platform adheres to free speech. He is now Twitter's largest shareholder - if you can't beat them, buy them.

Elon Musk spent about $3 billion to buy 9.2 percent of Twitter, which means he now owns four times as much stock as co-founder Jack Dorsey. The purchase came shortly after Ilon asked his Twitter followers how they felt about Twitter's algorithm and whether it should be more open-source - he even said he was considering creating his own social media platform.

The documentation says that Elon will be more of a passive investor, which means he has no plans to try to control the company. But let's be honest, we're talking about Musk - he's hardly a passive dude, so it's likely that he will have a lot of influence in Twitter's future. The Securities and Exchange Commission is far from a fan of Ilon, so let's see what it does with this news.

Twitter prices soared 27% on Monday, the biggest one-day gain for the stock since its IPO debut in 2013 and pushing prices to their highest level since late November of last year. Maybe it's all those fans who think they'll finally get the edit button that Elon is already exploring. He's keeping us in suspense, our Ilon.

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