Credo (Worldview)

The very first questions that the Intelligent Person asks himself at the beginning of his search for the Truth are "Who am I," "What am I," "Why do I live," "Where am I going," "What is life," "Is there a Creator, or everything is spontaneous..." a series of analogues of such questions can be written infinitely, although they always have the same meaning.
This section begins with the beliefs of a person, with what he bases all his worldview and worldview, all his existence, laying the cornerstone in all his further development.
No, it's not about religion right now. We will come back to this topic with you later. Now we are talking about our beliefs. What is Human?
Human, from my deepest point of view, is the Pure Spirit. And this Spirit, embracing itself in flesh, comes into this world (neither the first time, nor the last) and through its flesh (physical body) acquires precious experience of interaction of the Spirit-Soul-Body bond.
Yes, you have not heard the Spirit, Soul, and Body. This configuration has been touched upon more than once in the Bible (1st Thessalonians 5:23), not to mention countless treatises of ancient times and relatively recent ones.
Let’s leave the most delicious thing for a dessert and let's initially begin with the whole and leave a particular for a little bit later.
As we all had the honor of hearing in our adolescence that a matter, in all its aggregate states (solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma, ether), is essentially nothing more than a diverse configuration of atoms in bond with each other. And in addition to classical physics, we dare to add that a matter, in its manifestations, has a deeper penetration in this Universe and fills it deeper than the current human civilization toolware capabilities can reach (and in the future it is unlikely to change for objective reasons). And at some point, reaching the “border” of toolware possibilities to observe and explore a matter, creates a division of this matter into "gross matter" and "subtle matter," which in religious interpretation is called the simpler "spiritual world".
So what is it all about? Yes, what is the basis and “subtle” and “gross” world for their existence and vital activity (and the sweetest part of a human being is that it is located simultaneously in both “worlds” in a sense...let it be as an aperitif)?
Yes, everything that’s genius is simple, and everything that’s simple is genius.
It is energy that is the basis of the whole cosmos. It creates, fills, forms and maintains the existence of atoms, as the foundations of any matter, whether subtle or gross, in all its manifestations.
Our beliefs begin with self-awareness as a conscious being, and an understanding of our position in this multifaceted universe.
And as we have already realized that the matter as well as the universe both have a structure, and everything that has a structure, in other words, an organization, has its creator. Who is the Creator of the world?
To simplify the progress in spiritual growth, this matter must be given in simple and in convenient form for a conscious. Who says it is G-d, let it be G-d; Who says an Architect, let it be an Architect; Universal Mind - let it be a Universal Mind; Allah - let it be Allah; Father - Father… let yourself the luxury of perception.

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