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The Law of Karma as a safety mechanism

All Occult (metaphysical) studies and practices, all training and Yogic exercises that you have done, are doing or intend to do, should NOT be for the purpose of learning to conjure, telepathy and sorcery...

And getting ahead of ourselves, we can only say that there are safety mechanisms that will not allow you to do this.

All of your subtle practices and activities should be focused on developing yourself as a Spiritual Personality!

The goal in meta-practice should be:
  • development of the energetic Body;
  • to dial an increased amount of Energy in the Chakral system;
  • to get the ability to control its flows and each Chakra separately by recruiting Energy;
  • and as a result establishing harmony and two-way, constant connection between the Body and the Person (Spirit and Mind);
  • to bring oneself out of the state of Somnambulism (from Latin somnus - sleep and ambulo - to walk, move around), i.e. to awaken oneself from Mental sleep and come out of the unconscious state of a zombie bio-robot;
  • begin to analyze now, in Life, and realize - in practice, the Experience you have gained;
  • start to realize and compare your theoretical, basic knowledge of the Iskra (Spirit) with the practical experience gained at least in this incarnation, while keeping your mind sober and in sound mind, and then start to compare it with the cumulative experience gained during the previous incarnations;

Only from this moment begins what is called Spirituality, only from this moment you begin to be Spiritual, Reasonable; and only then without any harm to the Human feeble intellect do you remember about who you were in previous incarnations, what is your Personal Mission and Task for the current incarnation...⁉️

Well, at least like that, and that's not all...

Like this, our dear Friend, this is the list of intermediate Tasks, though it would be more correct to say Goals, the realization of which generates, for you, your Individual Reality

And the psychic Abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, witchcraft and other tricks) are the side effects of your Energy Practices and Exercises - as the chips fly when chopping wood, so the Personal Qualities of seeing and hearing, knowing and understanding open or appear in you.
Actually notes in the margins...

The Law of Karma as a safety mechanism for the fulfillment of unethical desires; why people are afraid of it instead of using it for good and learning to live in harmony with the principles of the Law of Cause-Effect itself!

Do for another what you wish for yourself

So, individual reality is formed NOT in the sense of acquiring and accumulating material and financial goods, and all your meta-practices, all your mental efforts should NOT be aimed at achieving the side effect (which we talked about earlier).

It is somewhat different because there is a safety mechanism, a kind of "calibration sieve.
So this "Sieve" does NOT filter according to the size of your desires, but according to the Ethical and Moral principles that guide your daily life.

There are basic rules of Morality and Ethics on a Universal scale.

And these are Laws NOT in the sense of establishment - they are Principles without which Life as a whole does NOT exist. This is one of the conditions under which the complex system called the Universe can be manifested and can exist - it is an unwritten Law - a basic condition for the existence of Life.

When the phrase "God will punish" sounds, Man always asks the same question: What will punish...⁉️
Yes, the principle of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma or Retribution works so that man eventually comes to the realization that he himself, by his own actions, has rewarded himself with positive or negative consequences!
And it was formulated really simply, for full understanding on all levels of the Human Consciousness, - "there is a time to scatter stones, there is a time to gather them...", "Don't dig a hole for another - you yourself will fall into it", "don't do to another what you do not want to receive...", - it's really difficult...

Because this is exactly what happens in most cases, ➖ and clearly for many, - during one incarnation a Person commits an action and a consequence comes - (An ethical action is a good, good reward, an unethical action is a punishment that is not pleasant).

In the rarest of cases, the time span between the committed Action and the Retribution does NOT fit into the duration of the current, concrete incarnation.

But when Man is afraid of Retribution and is shaking with fear, he does not see or hear, he is under the influence of the instinct of self-preservation in a state of constant vigilance. And since vigilance and readiness for a fight produces an increased amount of adrenaline in the organism, a man - of course - becomes shrunken and closed.

Because the body can NOT maintain an elevated level of adrenaline reactions for a long time, so it simply, shuts down. And then the increased readiness to fight turns into its opposite - into FEAR.

And the Man from the state of a warrior and winner (or knight, whatever you like) becomes a peaceful slave and a gray philistine ➖ a zombie bio-robot and plankton.

So he lives quietly, and silently chews what's on the supermarket shelves and looks at his smartphone... so as not to sin...

Instead of learning to Live Easily and Happily, Creatively, but within the framework of Universal Ethics and Morality! ➖ "Not doing to another what you don't want to get in return!"

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