Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part1-2

Hello, man!

How's life in slavery?

А? Yeah, what are you babbling about your freedom, you human being?!

There's been so many cries for freedom from people like you, it's sickening. In the end, these people climb out of one cesspool and into another cesspool, this time with a carved edge and shit that tastes a little different. Although, there are a few people who realize what a cesspool you are all floundering in and get out of it, but their number is so small that they are almost nonexistent against the general background.

Yeah, I can see from your eyes that you don't understand anything. Well, it's not surprising, considering how much time and resources they've invested in changing all the maps and concepts... yeah... You have been taught for generations from childhood how to live in this cesspool and not to show the other, in fear of losing a long-standing argument with one... but never mind about that later.

What am I talking about?!
Oh, yes, that's your favorite word-- freedom.

All your so-called freedom today is the ability to flick on thousands of channels, download porn for free and just do what you don't have to do! The whole society has already accepted this substitution! You have all assured that a man is not free in itself, and for its freedom must earn, it gave you the sense to work and earn for their needs, and most importantly hooked you on the needle of the high of spending on their sins. You are shoved into this rat race from paycheck to paycheck and hourly poured with the world's formational "waste" so that you squelch in it and do not get distracted by life.

It is sickening to watch, because the saddest thing about it all is that no one forced you to do it, and you obediently agreed to it all.

At the request of one of the few people who are not indifferent to you, I will help you, or rather not so, I will show you another option, and you choose your own way.
Continued Part 2:
What's up?

Any insights from last night's meeting?

Yeah, I can see the thoughts, but not the clarity. It's a tough case. All right, I'll chew you all to a pulp, you just swallow it sensibly, or it'll be as useful as treating a corpse.

You were indoctrinated from diapers that you are "free" and you have "rights" and so on and so forth. Ha-ha, I'm sorry, that's a good anecdote, it brings tears to my eyes, and it's plausible, apparently, since the whole hundred... I mean, people have been believing it for decades.

You have been in slavery for generations, which you don't even notice, and it would seem that you can't go any lower, but you have surpassed yourselves! Even being in slavery, you human beings give the rest of your freedoms into the hands of "tsars" so kindly given to you, and you are glad to get rid of unnecessary troubles in the form of thinking and responsibility for your life in the hope that your "tsars" know better how to manage it, and that they are not just comedians sharp on plausible lies, but knowledgeable professionals. The latter, in turn, acting extremely professionally, according to the methodology and with tenderness have you with smooth amplification stating that such times have come, no one is easy and it is necessary to unite and tolerate, silently, because it is all for the good (God forbid, do not think, this good will not affect you in any way).

I will make some specifics so that the mind has something to hold on to.
How many of you know he's a slave?
Do you think I'm joking?

Recall the description of a slave in ancient Rome, for example, and superimpose his image on an ordinary modern man.

A slave is a person deprived of most rights, full freedom of action and forced to work for his master and fulfill his demands, the master in turn, in exchange for the labor of his slave is obliged to monitor his health (so that he did not die early), to clothe, feed and give shelter. Well? Who sees the "elephant"?

Now this scheme is simply improved by giving it the illusion of freedom, giving you a couple of coins in your hands, exactly enough to cover all the same points that the master used to cover, but now he has less trouble, but you still have to go back to him for more coins in due time. Of course, you can argue that it is incomparably better now, and I do not argue with you, indeed, the cage has indeed become more comfortable, you are right. It's amazing what a reward system and 2-3 weeks of vacation a year can do compared to the "whip" that was so beloved before.

There was one not a bad man among you, one of the few who understood what I was talking about, the result of our short conversation was his apt expression: "There is no slavery more hopeless than the slavery of those slaves who think themselves free from fetters". Goethe was one of the voices of reason and freedom that you have already conveniently forgotten.
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