P2B (Play to Benefit) & Мeta Joker

What is P2B? What is the connection with WEB3.0. and the Meta Universe? What are the benefits for people?

As we all already know, a meta-universe is a much broader concept than just virtual games, and is a combination of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), blockchain, NFT, WEB3.0, cryptocurrencies, social media. and more.
So, while VR, AR and MR are some of the most important elements of the meta-universe that essentially offer users an immersive 3D virtual experience, let's take a look at what place the P2B (Play to Benefit) model and the Meta Joker project have in this meta-cocktail, what exactly are they, right?
- P2B (Play-to-Benefit) - play to do Good - Want Good for yourself - do Good for others!
  • P2B is a mental format of the game and relationships based on the Golden Rule of Morality - "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you", with a win-win principle. In essence, a game without losers is when you become richer by helping someone else to become rich (to become rich spiritually, intellectually, and financially-materially), such as the NFT game Joker Smile.
  • P2B is a model of NFT-game connected by mental links with WEP3.0. and is based on energy-information exchange between people, exchange of intellectual, creative and monetary energies according to the Law of Attraction (like attracts like).

Meta-Joker & play Joker-Smile

Well, hello and Welcome to my World!

In your world, hard work and the will of chance give success, but in my World, I am the source of Success and I give it to those who are ready to accept my Ethics (if you want to do good to yourself, do good to others).
I attract lucky people, their courage and positivity, multiply and turn it into Success. Why am I doing this? Yes because most "serious" people have turned this World into a cesspool, and I have too sensitive a sense of smell. That's why I started cleaning it up. In your own way, yes! How else?
I do exactly what my purpose is, and that is to bring good luck to its owner, based on the Golden Rule of Morality - do to others what you want for yourself. And I am not calling you with me, you have come to me anyway, if you are reading this. And for sure you have a Joker-Smile on your face, because you have found the source of Success. And if you are still sitting with a crooked face, then for God's sake, turn this page down and go about your normal routine, as you have done before. For chance is the great mystery. And out of a multitude of people, it is to You that Fortune has come. Let's see how you take this chance.
And so, my dear lucky people. You and I have a lot to talk about.
- If the net is a lamp, then I am the genie in it, and all your good wishes are doomed to be realized if you follow the rules of my game. Just like your parents - their house - their rules, my house - mine!
Thanks to the fact that joy and positivity always reign in my domain, I continue the revolution that was started by the invisible Forces of the crypto-industry, my home, where I was born. As a result of which, this "new" World opens our eyes to the "old" World, where the laws of social hypocrisy reigned, because of which man stopped appreciating Life and enjoying it. Therefore, a light revolutionary shaking will be useful.
In order to attract my followers to P2B (play to do good), I created the meta-game Joker-smile, which is a passport for recognizing "your-stranger". This game has the purpose to doom its like-minded Player to Luck and Success in all his good deeds and intentions. Yes, this is my characteristic, imbibed with the milk of my mother Fortuna - my Friend, this is how I share it with you.
So, this property transfers to the owner of the NFT Crypto-Joker upon smiling and unconditionally following, the seven magical rules of the Joker-Smile metagame:

  1. Each of the seven NFT Crypto-Joker reveals to you a new magical formula (spell) for attracting Success. Be sure to repeat this formula as a mantra, mentally or aloud, seven times in a row, and do it EXCLUSIVELY every day after waking up (otherwise it doesn't work). Also recite the formulas without stress, just let them into your life and remember that you are playing;
  2. One Crypto-Joker can be kept for no more than seven months, and must be resold in order to buy another, and so all seven NFT talismans. When all seven have been in your possession, then Luck and Success settle inside you and stay with you for life;
  3. Meta-Joker must be sold for a different asset than the one you bought it for (bought for ETH - sold for ETH - no; bought for ETH - sold for MATIC - yes);
  4. When selling Meta Joker in its price must be kept "777" - changing only "zeros" and comma (0.777, 0.0777, 7770; 7.77, 77,7, 777,000 ...);
  5. No matter how much you want to share your Luck, selling the NFT talisman itself you are obliged to receive a benefit, but not a loss (benefit: spiritual, intellectual or financial-material);
  6. Sincere intention to share luck with others and unconditional Faith that you are the Source of success; Luck works only if you follow the Golden Rule of Morality - "do unto others as you would have others do unto you";
  7. *Never join the Crypto-Joker community to follow updates, analytics and economic forecasts:; Telegram; Twitter; Opensea;
Seven NFT mascots their issue is limited to 777.
Welcome to a Successful Life.
I am a Playing Mage and my game is Your Game.

Peace be with you! Always yours C.J.
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