Era Nova - New Age

Today, the New Age is in full force, a time when physicists are rediscovering space-time reality. Astronomers claim that much of the Energy of the Universe is "hidden" somewhere (they call it "dark energy" because it cannot be seen).

Time as we know it is beginning to be investigated as something that may not exist and science is now embracing String Theory  - an elegantly complex mathematical model that proves that all matter is interdimensional. It is scientific proof that much of our reality is in the World of Subtle Energy and is invisible to the average person. More and more the previously "strange and unusual" are becoming areas of scientific research.

Now is the most suitable Time for activation of the previously hidden, comprehensive, creative Energy and the ability to control it. This process is inevitable, because by virtue of the Law of Evolution, the physiological and hormonal activity of the Pineal and Thyroid glands changes in the organism of a healthy Man, which leads to the expansion of Consciousness.

This new round of meta-evolution shows Humanity that by its nature it is the Creator of the reality of its World and its Destiny, and that each nation living on Earth has its own historical and evolutionary Destination, aimed at the development of the whole Planet as a living organism and the development of Humanity as a Single Family of equal individuals.

There are neither bad nor good nations. Every nation throughout the centuries contributes to the creation of the One Humanity as an Intelligent Metaphysical Part of the Universe.

The more each nation adheres to the Golden Rule of Morality, the fuller its contribution to the common cause of Evolution. As long as we do not see ourselves in every Human being, nobody from above will let us out into space, because then for the Universe we will be a contagious infectious virus with a nuclear baton, sowing confusion, discord, anger and hatred around us.

That is why we, you and I, create peace, harmony and beauty on the Earth. Every piece of the Earth should be like a blooming garden, without cigarette butts, bottles, scraps of polyethylene, paper and plastic. Our state of spirit and physical health, first of all, depend on the cleanliness of our Home - the Earth.

A person of the Culture of Reciprocity knows that not by consumerism alone and exploitation of the Human consciousness, but by the Power of the enlightened Mind reality is formed, fortunes are earned and the progress of self-realization moves, that every interaction and transaction should bring benefit to everyone involved in it, and any attempt to profit at the expense of the weakness, ignorance or need of another inevitably does not work in his favor.

All this happens because each of us knows that he is part of the Universal Mind, and a part cannot oppose any other part - on the contrary, the well-being of each part depends on their recognizing the interests and resonances of the Whole. 🌎

- And you and I, the people who recognize this Principle, have a great advantage in Life. We do not exhaust ourselves. We easily eliminate wandering, idle thoughts. We are always ready to focus as much as possible on our natural desire to fulfill our Destination. We do not waste energy, time or money on things that will never benefit the World.
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