Survival of Human Civilization and Activities of Social Destructors represented by the "World Government"

So, as we have already mentioned in previous publications, one of the urgent global issues of today is the survival of the Human Civilization in the near future.

There is a so-called phenomenon of the XX century, which in scientific circles is dubbed as "population factor". All other problems of human life on the planet are connected with it. Mankind is inexorably approaching the critical point of the Earth's population - twelve billion. And this is the limit! At twelve billion, nature has already destroyed more than one civilization before us, and with better technologies than ours.

The activity of the so-called "world government" - social parasites or Destructors - today they are in every possible way fueling their scheme of influencing the psyche of the masses through mass media, social networks, AI and other sophisticated "poses" in which they have social Consciousness and Subconsciousness of these very masses, i.e. us.

Consequently, the information, coming through the visual channel and bypassing the system of analytical processing of the brain, is put into the subconscious. In other words, there is a mass process of "zombification", where extremely negative information is introduced into subconsciousness. The basic code is built on the basis of animal origin. The words: "cruelty", "hatred", "aggressor", "war", "kill", "steal", "deceive" and so on are introduced into the subconscious program. These programs act especially strongly on the psyche of children and adolescents, making them defenseless against the aggressiveness of the external environment and society as a whole.

- With their mass - probably not personally realized by all of them - attack on society, they make a significant contribution to the destructurization and negative change of civilization mentality and emotional and psychological coloring of social Consciousness.

Thus, they fulfill their main task - to create all kinds of conditions in the world, in which a person must exist in a system of need, limitations and constant fear, which ultimately leads to a stable deep intrapersonal crisis, loss of Faith in their own Powers and the creation of a slave psychology.

Since the survival of our civilization depends largely on cohesive and creative social activity and the Choice of everyone who has the basis and right to call himself a representative of Humanity. The priority task in the coming decades, for each of us, is the revival of Spiritual Freedom of the peoples of this World.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to transform in the consciousness of the individual any slave phobias on the creative format of Life.

- To revive Spiritual Faith, as well as Faith in their own creative Forces, to stimulate the individual to achieve and realize their own unique abilities and possibilities. In other words, to induce Man to cognize the World in the sphere of creative format of Life.

As for the social parasites, in the person of the "world government" - people who had to sell their Soul to the forces of temptation for the sake of fulfilling their Destination.
The activity of destructors, first of all, reveals the threshold of damage to our consciousness and, accordingly, to society as a whole.
- By and large, they are concerned with power and profit, personal ego and material well-being. Their essence is parasitic. They are predestined by Nature itself to destroy. They, perhaps, in their majority do not even realize it. But it is obvious that no matter what revolutions, wars, spiritual, economic, social and political crises occur in society, social destructors are always behind it.

And note that if their population exceeds the acceptable norm in the world, the Destructors begin to destroy their kind in various ways. All these laws are not written by humans. But this, of course, does not mean that Destructors cannot be fought.

It is possible! For this purpose it is only necessary to realize that they are not some enemies of Mankind, they are only stimulators of the negative side of society, negative thoughts of an individual. The activity of destructors first of all reveals the threshold of damage to our consciousness and, accordingly, to society as a whole. You and I swallow the bait thrown to us by the Destructors, and we create our own reality.

"No one rules if no one obeys"!
Therefore, Destructors, just like our own negative thoughts, cannot be dealt with by violence. They must simply be ignored, pushed as far away as possible from the power of their script over our social and individual Consciousness!
There is one more essential fact that all our social Consciousness needs to realize, that the purposeful psychic energy of a Person, and even more so of humanity as a whole, is a powerful Force, which at a certain concentration is capable of either destroying or creating. If a society approaches an extremely positive limit, then the gates of global cognition of the World, including the Spiritual Nature of Man, his possibilities and abilities, open for people. If a society approaches an extremely negative limit, it practically destroys itself.

And the Guardian Council is only an observer of all these processes. But very rarely, as a rule before global events for the Earth or the next crossroads of human civilization, it is able to indirectly influence the development of human society. Exactly indirectly, because the last Choice is unequivocally left to Mankind.

Peace be with you
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