Global Economy. Part 4/4

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Today we conclude our economic analysis of the situation and the analysis of what is happening in the world. If you have not read the previous parts, you better start with them by following these links: part one, part two, part three. In this article, we will summarize from the entire Global Economic Digest.

A General View of the World

If you look globally at the events occurring in the world, it seems as if the Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the revelation of John the Theologian are coming into our World again. Think about it, the Covid-19 epidemic (rider Disease), the growing military conflicts around the world (rider War), the coming food crisis (rider Famine) and as a result, many will be caught up with the fourth rider - Death.

Certainly, it can be all a series of coincidences pulled by the nose, or someone's well thought out plan, it does not matter, the main thing is that we should be ready for any variant of development of events and not miss the opportunities open to us.

Summing up

From the previous 3 parts of this great economic review we have learned that the world stands on the last stage before the global world changes, and as a consequence huge shocks for those who were not prepared for them, as well as fairy opportunities for those who have prepared for them.

Now there is a struggle of some countries to keep their dominance in the economic and political arena, in order to win some more time before the global clap of their economy and power over the world, while other countries, realizing the essence of what is happening, begin to throw off the economic and power chains that held them earlier, so as not to go to the bottom together with their colonizers.

A global redistribution of the world is taking place, which will bring both global crises and new opportunities for those who understand the essence of the current events and see their direction. For this reason, we wanted to tell you about what is really going on in the world, thereby warning you of possible dangers, by directing your attention to key factors.

Unrest in the world

It is very likely that the food and energy crisis will hit the EU and the Middle East the hardest, and this will certainly lead to mass unrest and possibly a second Arab Spring. Many people will try to emigrate to Europe to escape hunger in various ways, but it is unlikely that there will be room for everyone there.

In Europe, too, it will be difficult; because of the sanctions against Russia, Europe will suffer just as much, if not more. Prices for utilities, fuel, food are constantly rising, and the income level of the lower and middle classes is not keeping up with them. This will lead to the fact that the standard of living of the majority will fall by at least 2 times, for people who have lived their whole lives in their comfort zone this may be a shock, which will cause popular protests.

And against the background of a possible mass emigration of Arabs to Europe, there could be popular riots and clashes, both between Europeans and Arabs, and between the emigrants themselves, who would compete for jobs, housing and other generally necessary aspects of life. We can only hope that full-scale hostilities are avoided.


-First, if possible, stock up on food with a long shelf life (cereal, flour, oil, canned food, etc.). It is good if your stockpile is enough for your family for 3-4 months, this is the first wave, when everyone around will be consumed by panic.

-Second, for auto owners. Fuel during a general panic disappears just behind food and medicine. To get it at first will be tantamount to a Hercules feat, as there will be kilometer-long lines to all gas stations. For this reason it is highly recommended to have a couple of reserve fuel cans.

-The Third advice applies to residents of European countries that are in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. In the case of the above scenario the southern part of Europe will suffer the most, for this reason, we advise to find a backup housing in the northern countries such as: Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, northern Germany and Poland.

I sincerely hope you will never need this information, but if so, you are now "armed" and know what to prepare for.

Fortune protects you and guides you on the best path, remember that!

Happiness, Peace to you, dear Friends!

Always your C.J.

All of the above is not financial advice, but only the subjective opinion of the author, always do your own research and double-check the information yourself.
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