Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 4

I understand that it is probably not easy for you to realize that the world around you is a well-disguised cage whose task is to make sure that you think and act only in the right direction and do not deviate from the set course.

With your capabilities, you should have reached far greater heights in all areas of development, physics, medicine, mathematics, economics and many others, especially in metaphysics, but instead you are all obediently building a corporation "Ludishik" to make money. Although, if you're not lying, your accomplishments are actually far greater than you know.

Some of you were ahead of your readiness before technological change, they discovered technologies and knowledge capable of changing all the rules of the "game", for example about the energy crisis you would forget forever, as well as about hunger and health problems. This information is hidden for the majority, and the information that leaks out is met with so much criticism and fake examples that none of you will believe in its authenticity. We usually do not prevent this, because with your current level of ethics and purity of thought, you will only hasten your demise instead of moving into the New Age of Humanity.
I'll follow up soon.
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