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History of The Open Network Project

Telegram's work on its own blockchain platform began back in 2018. Work on the project was going well, until in 2020 the SEC, or US securities regulator, imposed a ban on Telegram's blockchain startup.

Durov had to abandon the promising project. To ensure that the work was not lost, he posted the open code, and transferred the trademark, repository and domain to the open community, after which Telegram Open Network was renamed to The Open Network, and the token was also changed. Instead of Gram, it was renamed TONcoin.

Since then, it is the open community that is involved in the further development of the project, but Durov gives full support to the project.

TON Intent

The project team faced serious obstacles, but did not give up and leave the project, and managed to overcome them and to this day works hard to implement their commandments:

TON Precepts

  • The exchange of value (cryptocurrency) should be as simple as the exchange of information, and blockchain technology is ideal for this purpose. To this end, TON has formulated key principles for the design and development of TON:

  • Speed and scalability to handle millions of transactions per second, support an unlimited number of active users, and support multiple applications.

  • Intuitive user interfaces to create a blockchain for people, not geeks and nerds, to help everyone buy, store and transfer assets in a convenient and familiar way.

  • Decentralization to ensure reliability, stability, and security, and to take steps to create a more secure and self-managed world.

That's all well and good, but what is the TON project all the same?

TON is a 3rd generation blockchain system that was designed to unite the chains of all Internet cryptocurrencies into a single global network. The Proof-of-Stake consensus guarantees the security of the network, and that modifications to the network are only possible if approved by the majority.

What can TON do?

But TON is not just a blockchain platform, it is a new generation platform capable of processing millions of transactions per second and will combine not only blockchain, but also a payment platform, file storages (Proxy), and a number of other decentralized services.

In addition to processing millions of transactions per second, the TON blockchain-based ecosystem has the potential to spawn a true Web3.0 Internet with decentralized storage, anonymous networking, DNS, instant payments, and various decentralized services.

What problems can TON solve?

TON is capable of becoming the progenitor of WEB 3.0 by combining hundreds of completely different blockchains to create a fully decentralized, secure global network.

TON with its innovative technology completely solves one of the main problems of most existing blockchains, namely scalability, and it doesn't matter how big the network is.

TON also solves the problem of high cost and speed of transactions, because it is well known (using Ether or Bitcoin as an example) that the more loaded the network is, the higher the transaction price is. In the TON network, the price per transaction is always consistently low, regardless of the load on the network.

There are also prerequisites for a close relationship between Telegram and TON.

TON is not just a blockchain platform, it is a next-generation platform capable of processing millions of transactions per second and combining not only blockchain, but also a payment platform, file storages, and a number of other decentralized services.

In addition to processing millions of transactions per second, the blockchain-based TON ecosystem has the potential to spawn a true Web 3.0 Internet with decentralized storage, anonymous networking, DNS, instant payments and various decentralized services.

TON components

TON Blockchain

At the heart of the platform is a unique blockchain with a scalable and flexible architecture, consisting of a masterchain (the core network) and up to 292 companion blockchains. The technologies implemented in TON ensure that its bold promise to process millions of transactions per second is fulfilled.

The Infinite Sharing Paradigm

Scalability was the Holy Grail that previous blockchains failed to find. TON achieves this through segmentation, as the blockchains in it can automatically split and merge to adapt to changes in load. In this way, transaction volume does not affect the speed of blockchain generation, queues do not form, and costs remain low regardless of demand.

Proof-of-Stake consensus

TON relies on an extended Proof-of-Stake consensus, in which validator nodes use deposit rates to ensure their reliability and achieve consensus using a variant of the Byzantine Fault Tolerant protocol.

This resource-saving mechanism allows TON to focus node computing power on processing transactions and smart contracts, further improving speed and efficiency.

Byzantine Fault Tolerant (Byzantine Generals strategy)

- is an interaction algorithm used in cryptography, its main task is to come to a consensus in the network even if some nodes in the network do not respond or give wrong information.

Instant hypercube routing

Smart routing mechanisms enable fast exchange between any two blockchains, regardless of network size. Given the logarithmic relationship between data transfer time and the number of chains in a TON, it is even possible to scale to millions of chains without reducing processing speed.

2D distributed registries

To avoid unnecessary branching, TON can create new valid blocks on top of any invalid blocks. This self-healing mechanism saves resources and ensures that valid transactions are not discarded due to unrelated errors.

TON Payments

TON Payments is a micropayment platform and micropayment channel network. It can be used to instantly transfer value offline between users, bots and other services. Security measures built into the system ensure that these transfers are as secure as online transactions.

(90% complete.)


TON Proxy is a network proxy/anonymizer layer for TON nodes. Similar to I2P, it enables decentralized VPN services and blockchain-based alternatives to TOR to achieve anonymity and protect privacy online. Combined with the TON P2P network and TON DNS, TON Proxy provides immunity for decentralized applications to censorship.

(75% availability)

I2P is an anonymous, stable and decentralized computer overlay network (an overlay network is a network created on top of another network). Encryption is used to transmit data between the network nodes. Within an I2P network you can host any service while maintaining the anonymity of the server.


TON DNS makes blockchain massive by assigning readable names to accounts, smart contracts, services and network nodes. With TON DNS, browsing blockchain becomes like browsing the World Wide Web.

( 90% complete)

TON Storage

TON Storage is a distributed file storage technology available through the TON P2P network. Think of a better version of Dropbox for simplicity. This Torrent-like technology relies on smart contracts for accessibility and has great potential for storing and sharing large amounts of data.

(50% availability)

TON Services

TON Services provides a universal platform for third-party services. It provides smartphone-friendly interfaces for decentralized applications and smart contracts, as well as decentralized Web browsing, similar to the World Wide Web.

TON provides a searchable registry of decentralized services and applications.


TON Workchains

TON consists of a masterchain and up to 232 workchains with different rule sets, i.e. different account and transaction address formats, virtual machines for smart contracts and underlying cryptocurrencies, etc. Nevertheless, working chains can still interact using agreed-upon ground rules.

Today, there are many working blockchains loosely connected to each other. The current attempts to use Bridging to establish interaction between them leave much to be desired in terms of both performance and level of decentralization. The TON design will bring all existing blockchains together into a single decentralized network.

(50% complete)

As you may have noticed, not all of the TON technologies are "finished" to the end, but the development is moving by leaps and bounds. Also, the TON community is steadily increasing with each week, which suggests that the PR company is bearing fruit and TON is becoming a household name.

Well, we will see you in the next post, friends!

Happiness to you and may fortune accompany you in life!

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