Human Energy Centers - Chakras

When working properly, each Chakra is a micro vortex of energetic nature with a certain glow.

Nature created Man for her own needs and does not allow any deviation from the parameters necessary for her, severely punishing Man for leaving his True Path.

The physical body of Man is just a machine designed to ensure the existence of the brain, the mind, the consciousness. It is only a material carrier for subtle energy-information structures. Therefore, energy flows are aimed primarily at providing the energy-informational (mental) structure of Consciousness.

The energy of the body is connected with the energy of consciousness through such an important element of the energy structure of Man as the Chakra system (chakra - funnel of energy. Sanskrit).

The chakras are the energy centers of Man and the concept of them came to us from the East. The chakras are intended for transforming the energies of two currents coming from the Earth and from the Space into a slightly different form which is adaptive for Man as a whole. With their help these rather harsh radiations are softened and transformed for the needs of human existence.

The energy centers of Man - Chakras are located in the subtle energy body of Man, and of course each of them is connected with certain anatomical areas to which it adjoins. Therefore if the work of the Chakras is disturbed, the work of the corresponding organs is disturbed.

The Chakras have an accumulative capacity, and it is in them that the energy received from the ascending and descending currents is accumulated. Thanks to the Chakra system this energy is redistributed throughout the human body (both subtle and physical). It is the work of the Chakras that ensures the existence of the energy shell (aura) - a kind of a cocoon (ovoid) around the human body. When the shell is powerful, dense and clear then the Man is healthy. And since the shell is formed by the Chakras, it is clear that the state of the Soul and health of a person directly depends on whether his Chakra system is working correctly or not.

When working properly, each Chakra is a micro vortex of energetic nature with a certain glow. If a Chakra is "damaged" it loses its energy and consequently dims and closes like a flower. A person has seven basic Chakras. They are located along the energy currents (and you and I remember that there are two of them: descending and ascending) along the spine in a strictly defined place.

Each chakra has its own name, starting from the bottom:

Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudha, Ajna, Sahasrara.

We draw your attention to the fact that there are seven Chakras, and this is not accidental. If you think about it, it's a sign of that beauty and harmony. According to the laws of which nature, man and the Universe as a whole exist. After all, the Charkas correspond in their frequency of emission to the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes! Therefore, Man is a rainbow sounding with music! Man by Nature herself is destined to sound Harmoniously and to emit Light, pure Divine Light! To do this it is necessary to tune one's musical instrument, having first cleared it of the dust and stench of narrow-minded thinking and animal emotions.

In the following publications, we will analyze each Energy Funnel individually. We will learn its formula, its purpose, hear its vibrations, see its color, feel its power, and see what effect the Chakras have on our reality!

Peace be with you, always your CJ

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