Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 6

Before you can see the path to freedom, you must realize that freedom does not equal permissiveness. If you will use the received power for immoral deeds and satisfaction of your own vices you will receive equivalent consequences, which you will not be able to avert.

Personal freedom is a power, the possibilities of which, with the full measure of its achievement it is difficult to find limits, it allows you to achieve given goals regardless of their complexity in the shortest possible time, in other words it is a tool capable of correcting the World.

From the above you should have realized that if you hand over this tool to mankind without proper preparation, it will be equal to that if capuchins infected with rabies were given a remote control from a quark reactor the size of a planet.

If you do decide to take this path, in the process of your becoming a Free Man and acquiring this very Freedom you will form a "moral ethical compass" and a "willpower rod", which will further guide your actions in a moral ethical way and keep you from temptations of permissiveness and vices. In case you will pay insufficient attention to the formation of "moral ethical compass" and "willpower" this force will destroy you in one way or another in vices or you will join those who enslaved you.

In order to form the above mentioned "artifacts", which are an integral part of the Free Man, a lot of resources have been created for you humans to acquire knowledge and further practice what you have learned. Besides, there are groups of Disciples with Mentors and Teachers on the planet, whom you will inevitably encounter if you continue to develop in a moral and ethical way, they will considerably accelerate your formation and help you to deal with your existing questions, and they will definitely appear. I will talk about specific informational resources later.

In general, you people should realize that the question of becoming a Free Man is so multifaceted that it affects literally all aspects of your existence, because you live in a system that aims at exactly the opposite result.
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