Why the Joker ?

We are often asked why the joker was chosen as the symbol of the project? After all, this is a dual, trickster image, which not everyone will dare to trust.

In fact, the Joker symbol or another Jester makes much more sense than the one most of us know about. Joker really actively use various kinds of sweepstakes and casinos, but in a very limited sense, as a kind of symbol of fortune. We put something more into it.

The Jester of History
Since the deep Middle Ages, the symbol of the Jester has been known to us as a kind of gambler who forever weighs various sharpness to evoke kings and their retinue. His words were not taken seriously, because he is just a Jester and it is stupid to be offended by this fool. But in fact, the court Jester was probably the only one at court who could say what he really thought in the face of anyone without fear of being punished.
Despite the general image of a fool, Jester was an extremely wise and thoughtful person, because he had to mix the most educated society of his time with his wits and do it in a subtle and timely manner.
In addition, the Jester was very likely one who entered both the world of nobility and the most ordinary commoners. He was his own in both worlds and freely communicated and listened to the conversations of both the nobility and the people. All rumors and intrigues passed through it. He knew the true mood of both ordinary people and the nobility towards their ruler and one God knows what else. Most of this information was not available to the ears of those very rulers for obvious reasons.
According to this, the Jesters often became one of the closest and to some extent secret advisers to kings who knew about the reality of things happening.

In addition, you meet the image of the Jester in the TARO.

Jester and Tarot

The jester in the tarot deck is a zero arch. This is a young man who discovers the world. The young man is full of enthusiasm, joy and thirst for life. This symbolic image plays an important role in TARO and has deep implications for human self-improvement and self-realization.

Also a close image in meaning to the Joker, it is the first arcan known as the Magician.
The symbolism of the "Magician" in Tarot is associated with magic, creation and creation. The magician represents the Power of Will, determination and ability to use his resources to achieve goals. It shows that a person has not only the ability to see opportunities, but also the ability to use his knowledge, experience and intuition to achieve the desired result.
In the image of our Meta-Joker from TARO, we brought the qualities of the first two Arcans, Jester (No. 0) and Magician (No. 1). This also has a built-in meaning, because zero and one, this is a symbol of the binary system on which all the computing processes of modern devices are built. It was the image of the Magician Playing, in Latin "Magus Ludens," that became at the head of the project, as a symbol of the beginning and unlimited possibilities.
Drawing the Conditional Line
In the symbol of the Joker, we put certain qualities and properties that, as conceived by the creators, appear in the owner as he delves into the project itself.
Meta-Joker - as a prophecy, a promise, what the person of the future looks like, Meta-Joker, a person enlightened, aware of reality, and able to practically form it, play with it, with his inner potentials revealed.
Join the Game, because at the risk of one day you can stay happy for life!
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