Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 3

Generations have passed since the beginning of your fall, so most of you don't know any different. You have become content with your meager life and the cages you live in, which you do not even notice. You have been beaten in a game called "Life" and you don't even notice it, you are dreaming on. You have been on the conveyor belt of slaves since the moment you were born, because your parents and grandparents don't know how to be free and can't teach you how to be free. You end up in schools and universities, where teachers teach you, who can only teach you how to become slaves like themselves, except with a better cage.

Yes, this system has been worked on so well that you people believe in its correctness and serve it yourselves. In addition to it, you are constantly being poured with information crap, the task of which is to distract your attention from the "main game" and direct it to the side, filling your head with all sorts of nonsense and discouraging any desire to try to understand what is going on around you.

You people are spinning in your society full of manipulations, "important" opinions of "knowledgeable" experts, analysts, fortune-tellers and "tsars". You call the same fools like you enemies/allies, divide each other into clans, groups and states, not realizing that they are all controlled by the same persons, and you people are in their hands. You are called "white" and "black" figures, bitter enemies among yourselves, but those who move you are old friends... You are manipulated, indoctrinated with someone else's desires and goals using such tools as patriotism, propaganda, "faith", "news" and others, after which you go to kill, rob and maim your own brothers and sisters with whom you recently sat at the same table.

The principle of this whole system was once aptly described by Frederick Douglass, your kinsman, who caught on to an even less perfect system of enslavement:

"To get a contented slave, - one must make a thoughtless slave...he must be unable to detect the inconsistencies of slavery; he must feel that slavery is right; and he can only be brought to that point when he refuses to be a man."
We'll meet again soon.
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