The mystery of life is the Law of Attraction!


Everything that comes into your life, you attract to yourself.

You attract it by the power of the images you keep in your head all the time. Your life is what you think. Everything that happens in your mind, you attract to yourself.
Through this powerful Law, your thoughts become the events, feelings and manifested things of your life. Your thoughts become reality! Repeat the phrase to yourself and allow it to penetrate your perception, consciousness and subconsciousness.

The Law of Attraction is the Law of Nature. It is impartial and does not distinguish between good and evil, it simply accepts your thoughts and returns them to you in the form of experiences and life events. The Law of Attraction gives you exactly what you think.

Like all the Laws of Nature, this Law is absolute and perfect. You create your life - what you think is what you get, what you sow is what you reap! Your thoughts are seeds; your harvest depends on what seeds you put into the soil.
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