Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 9

...And so, since you are still reading these lines, it means that you are really interested in what I am saying or you have come to similar thoughts yourself. In this case, it is time to make more specificity and understanding.

Let's begin perhaps with the interpretation of concepts, for you often call a "free man" and modern slaves. Over the last centuries this concept has lost its former meaning and sounds more like a cliché to you people. So what do I mean when I say Free Man, how do I characterize him?

A Free Man is a person who possesses the highest degree of purity of consciousness, independence, autonomy, the ability to "choose", an indestructible willpower, an excellent moral and ethical compass, and a deep knowledge of the world.

The first thing that strongly distinguishes such a Man from the rest of the gray mass is his way of thinking and body. If we can put it this way, it is a business card of such a person by which you can always easily recognize it.

The thinking of the Free Man is his characteristic feature, which allows him to achieve his goals, to establish connections, to analyze events in the world and, if necessary, to influence them. This thinking is the result of persistent labors that Man had to overcome in order to acquire knowledge, experience, understanding of processes and to acquire tools and opportunities to influence the World.

Man the Free is a global personality in the truest sense of the word. He does not refer himself to certain nations, states, religions, races and other "black and white groups". This is a person whose home is the Earth, and events in one point of the planet concern him exactly the same as events of an antipodal point on the globe.

Also, a characteristic feature of such a person is a healthy, well-built body. The way of life of such personalities, almost always, is very active because of that their attention is required many moments connected with their activity. Such people often wander around the world. As a rule, these people do not look their age, often smile and have an open look and radiant eyes. They are extremely active people who are often difficult to keep up with. Also they have a special attitude to food, in priority they eat live food and do not need doping such as alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants that give sleeping people the illusion of freedom and joy of life.

The Free Man is unencumbered:

1. Material goods:
this means that he/she has enough resources (money, property) to satisfy his/her basic needs and wants without feeling financially dependent.

2. Social complexes:
A free person calmly expresses his opinion when needed. At the same time, having Freedom, he does not care about his importance and does not flaunt it. Such a person has no need to keep Instagram or other social networks to seek attention and approval of others. He silently chooses his life style, religion, and other aspects of his personality without the desire for approval or fear of being judged.

3. Psychological and physical barriers:
This means that a person is able to manage his emotions and feelings and make decisions based on common sense, not influenced by fears or other emotions or external influences. He takes care of the health of his body and keeps it in excellent physical shape by controlling its needs and reflexes.

4. Time constraints:
A free man has the ability to manage his time because he does what he really cares about and builds his schedule based on his own preferences.

5. Societal stereotypes, prejudices and info. space:
he is not subject to societal expectations and can choose his own path, even if that path differs from the accepted one. He is not influenced by the ways of social manipulation, he can clearly see events and is able to predict them.

6. Internal conflicts and fears:
The Free Man is constantly overcoming his personal barriers, resolving conflicts within himself and moving forward without allowing his emotions to limit his possibilities and prevail over his consciousness.

The main task of a Free Man is creation, creation and harmonious development of himself, his loved ones and his home as a whole. In his activities such a person relies on a moral and ethical compass and laws like the "Golden Rule of Morality". These people strive to create a full-fledged creative society on Earth, the task of which is harmonious development of humanity and care for their home and its inhabitants.
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