What came to mind at the sight of this picture?

Knowledgeable people I think immediately recognized the culprits depicted on the canvas - Egregors.

They were first mentioned in Zeland's books from the series "Transurfing Reality".

Earlier egregors were mentioned exclusively within the framework of the result of their influences on people, as addictions, or ideologies, leading a person to a certain way of thinking and behavior, sometimes not inherent to his nature, or absurd. Religious tradition more often spoke about demons/angels, having influence on human beings in one way or another.

Referring to what we Meta-Joker's mean by an egregore, it is:

ENERGY-INFORMATION SOURCE, which is born by the aspirations and desires, thoughts and needs of a group of persons who constantly feed and interact with their Creation, which (the egregore itself) in turn takes part in the formation of events in the lives of its creators, and depending on its ethical orientation returns a chain of events, states or information similar to its ethical orientation in return for the energy received from its creator/participant.

There are egregors created by the association of people living on the Earth. Such are the majority.
And a small part of them are egregors created by Divine Persons coming from above. (example: Christianity)

Examples of egregors:

1. Neutral ethics:

- Money
- Music
- Books
- Health care
- Science
- Family

2. Negative ethics:

- Drugs
- Alcohol
- Sexual impurity
- Hate
- Greed
- Insecurity/Fear

3. Constructive Ethics:

- Faith
- Humor
- Love
- Friendliness
- Religion (Doctrine of Reciprocity)
- Altruism
- Sacrifice

This division is very arbitrary and is presented to be illustrative in the light of understanding their influence on a person. There is always a localized and subjective interaction of you personally with each of them within your life path.

Conflicts and Wars are also egregors created by very specific people who were able to involve enough energy in them and spin their flywheels. Such phenomena are fueled primarily by human emotions, experiences and thoughts. Constant involvement in such phenomena only intensifies them, especially when a large number of minds are involved, and as long as people think about war and conflict, it will remain in their world.

Man has never yet been able to achieve peace with thoughts of war and killing his own kind.
M.J. Team.
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