P2B and Ethics at Crypto

Friends, many of you who got acquainted with the project had a question, how are we going to embody ethics in the crypto world and what is the format of the game P2B?

P2B (Play-to-Benefit) - play to do Good, - Want Good for yourself - do Good for others!
P2B this is a mental format of play and relationships, based on the Golden Rule of Morality - "Do to others as you want others to do to you," with a win-win principle. In fact, a game without losers is when you get richer from helping to get rich another (get rich spiritually, intellectually and financially), for example, the NFT game Joker Smile.
Based on the P2B, a NFT game model of the WEB 3.0 level was created, with a system of complementary tokens, Meta Joker mascots. This model is based on the energy information exchange between people, the exchange of intellectual, creative and monetary energies according to the Law of Attraction (this attracts similar).

The entire Meta Joker project and its NFT game Joker Smile are based on the principles of the basic ethical Rule - "Do what you want for yourself to do to another." Joker Smile players are increasingly aware of the power and capabilities they actually have during the game. It repents amazing, but it does work, people project the rules of the game in real life and it changes in amazing ways. This simple game reminds each person that he is actually a Man of Reason, that the Earth is the House where he lives, is as much a living organism as he is himself.

Meta Joker is a pioneer project that combines modern crypto technologies with human ethics and spiritual teachings of the past. Meta Joker is an opportunity embodied in crypto space that allows each of us to change ourselves and change the world to the best with just one game.
Peace to you Friends,
your M. J.
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