Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 7

As I said earlier, to gain Freedom it is necessary to have a strong willpower and moral and ethical compass, without them you will not go far and in the best case you will change the cage for a more spacious one.

I explain why so for those who are especially asleep as simply as possible. During your formation, you people will be transformed, change the way of life and type of thoughts, purity of your vibrations, get new opportunities, resources, including money. The system of slavery you are in is energetic in the first place, and only then it manifests in the physical space. The energetic layer of the system literally surrounds you almost everywhere, it is extremely sensitive and is tuned to the frequency of certain vibrations that each of you emits with your thoughts. When you change your vibrations and move out of the herd, the system notices this and tries to bring you back to your former purity through various tools: pendulums, addictions, circumstances, people, news background, and others to which you are most attracted or attached.

A good example: You have decided to stop drinking alcohol, you are a good person who has not been drinking for a week, a month, two months, and then the nonsense begins, all your acquaintances almost every day call you to have a drink with them in a friendly company, in grocery stocks for your favorite drink... exquisite drink that makes you drool as never before, and on walks you notice by the corner of your eye everywhere advertisements of alcohol, bars and other presentable pours, which, so and beckon. The same example works with all human chains for which you are suspended and which keep you in a certain thought range without letting you wake up, the most common are: dead food, alcohol and other drugs including tobacco and its similar substitutes, pornography, info. crap (the purpose of which is to direct your thoughts in the right direction) and a lot of others. If a person's willpower is weak, he will bend and return to the old vibrations, to the herd.

If it is not possible to return a person and he continues to raise vibrations, then it is necessary to add a pill and bind him to a better place, for example, with more money, power and the like. Many people stop there, thinking that they have won and life is successful, but in practice they just moved into a bigger cage. Moreover, money and power are a strong temptation, they are never enough for you and you people often overstep all moral and ethical laws and dogmas, harm yourselves and cripple your home, the Earth. These are some of the strongest chains that have ruined and continue to ruin so many who gave hope of becoming a Free Man.
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