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As we all already know, Metaverse is a much broader concept than just virtual games, and it is a combination of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), NFT, blockchain, WEB 3.0, cryptocurrencies, social media. and more.

So while VR, AR and MR are some of the most important elements of the Metaworld, which essentially offer users a three-dimensional virtual experience with the effect of presence.
Let's take a look at what place the P2B (Play to Benefit) model and Crypto Joker project has in this meta-cocktail, what WEB 3.0 has in common and what exactly they are, shall we?

P2B (Play-to-Benefit) - Play to Do Good - Want Good for Yourself - Do Good for Others!

P2B is a mental format of play and relationships based on the Golden Rule of Morality - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" with the win-win principle. In essence, a no-lose game is when you get richer from helping someone else get rich (to get rich spiritually, intellectually, or financially-materially), such as the NFT game Joker Smile.

P2B is a mental model of NFT-game of WEB 3.0 level, this model is based on energy-information exchange between people, the exchange of intellectual, creative and monetary energies according to the Law of Attraction (like attracts like).

The P2B model and the Crypto Joker project, are born in a Crypto Universe where the Single Player, is part of a New Age initiative to build a better World and Personality, a higher Ethic and Morality. This is expressed in the idea that in various ways transforms this World into a better place for Man's life. P2B allows Man to be always in creative resonance with the earthly Life and the inner World!

As you have already understood, Dear Friends, the entire project is based on the principles of the Main Ethical Rule - "Do for others what you want for yourselves". By doing this we remind everyone that they are really Reasonable Man, that the Earth, their Home, is as much a living organism as they are.
As a living organism, the Planet is constantly evolving and improving over time.

And at the moment the forces of Earth evolution are unpacking the next way of development of Human Civilization, a way we know under the names: Bitcoin, P2B, P2E, cNFT, Metaverse, WEB 3.0, parallel reality...

This new round of Meta-Evolution shows Mankind that it is the Creator of the reality of its World and its Destiny, and that each nation living on Earth has its historical and evolutionary purpose to develop the entire Planet as a living organism. And the development of Mankind as a single Family of equal personalities. There are no good or bad nations. Each nation over the centuries contributes to the creation of a Single Humanity as an Intelligent metaphysical Part of the Universe.

The more each nation preserves the Golden Rule of Morality, the fuller its contribution to the common cause of Evolution. As long as we do not see each Man as himself, no one from Above will let us out into Space, because then to the Universe we will be a contagious infectious virus, with a nuclear cudgel at our side, sowing confusion, discord, anger and hatred all around us. This is why you and I must create peace, harmony and beauty on Earth. Each piece of the Earth must be like a well-cleaned room, without cigarette butts, scraps of polyethylene and plastic. Our state of Spirit and health depends primarily on the moral purity of our Home - the planet Earth.

The main idea of P2B (Play to Benefit) model is Creating by Playing (play to do good). In essence, playing without losers is when you become richer by helping someone else get rich (to get rich spiritually, intellectually and financially), such as the C-NFT game Joker Smile.

Description and rules of the NFT game JokerSmile:

Well, hello and welcome to my World!

In your World, hard work and the will of chance bring success, but in my World, I am the source of Success and give it to the one who is ready to accept my Ethics (you want good for yourself, do good to another).

I attract the lucky ones, their courage and positivity, multiply them and turn them into Success. Why am I doing this? YES because most "serious" people have turned this World into a cesspool, and I have too sensitive a nose. That's why I got into the business of cleaning it up. In my own way, yes! How else?

I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do, which is to bring good fortune to my fellow man, based on the Golden Rule of Morality - do unto another what you want for yourself. And I'm not calling You with me, You've come to me anyway, since You're reading this. And surely a Joker-Smile shines on Your face, for You have found the source of Success. And if you, are still sitting with a crooked face, then for God's sake, turn this page and go do your usual routine, as you did before. For Chance is the great mystery. And of the multitude, it is to You that Fortune has come. Let us see how you take advantage of this chance.

And so, my dear Lucky Ones. You and I have something to talk about!
If the meta-net is a lamp, then I am a genie in it, and all your good wishes and intentions are doomed to come true, knowingly, if you follow the rules of my meta-game. Just like your parents, their house is their rules, my house is mine!
Due to the fact that joy and positivity always reign in my domain, I continue the revolution that was started by the invisible Forces of the crypto-industry - my home, where I was born. As a result of the P2B revolution, this New World opens our eyes to the "old" world, in which the laws of social hypocrisy reigned, because of which man stopped appreciating Life and enjoying it. That's why a little revolutionary shaking will be useful to everyone!

In order to attract my followers to P2B (play to do good), I created the meta-game Joker-smile, which is an ID for recognizing "your own-others". - This game has the purpose  of condemning its Like-Minded Player to Luck and Success in all his good deeds and intentions. - Yes, this is my Quality, absorbed with the milk of my mother Fortune, - my Friend, this is how I share it with you.

- So, this property, the source of Success  is transferred to the owner-player of C-NFT Crypto Joker,  by smiling and unreservedly following, the seven magical rules of the Joker-Smile metagame:

  1. Each of the seven complementary NFT Crypto Joker reveals to you its magical Formula (spell) for attracting Success. Be sure to repeat this formula as a mantra, mentally or aloud, seven times in a row, and do it EXCLUSIVELY every day after waking up (it doesn't work otherwise). Also, recite the formulas without tension, just let them into your Life, but remember that you are playing;
  2. One Crypto Joker can be kept for no more than seven months and must be sold in order to buy another, and so all seven C-NFT talismans. When all seven have been with you, then Luck and Success will settle inside you and stay with you for life;
  3. Crypto-Joker must be sold for a different asset than the one you purchased it for (bought for ETH - sold for ETH - no; bought for ETH - sold for MATIC - yes);
  4. Selling Crypto Joker in its price necessarily must keep the number of Fortune - 777 - changing only the "zeros" and a comma (0.777, 0.0777, 7770; 7.77, 77.7, 777,000 ...);
  5. Regardless of how much you wish to share Luck, by selling the NFT talisman itself you are bound to receive a benefit, but not a loss (a benefit; Spiritual, Intellectual or financial-material);
  6. Sincere intention to share success with others and unconditional belief that you are the source of success; success works only if you follow the Golden Rule of Morality - "do unto others as you would have others do unto you";
  7. *By no means join the CryptoJoker meta-community to NOT get intellectual and psychological motivation, professional risk management, and economic reviews: Web-site; Telegram; Twitter; Opensea; Discord.

The seven NFT mascots are limited to 777 copies. The Success Formulas themselves, are part of the Joker-Smile game. A meta-game developed  by the highly skilled masters of Meta-psychology at the Institute of Universal Ethics. The Masters of Success have programmed our Formulas exclusively for Abundance and Good Luck in all good deeds and intentions.

Masterfully developed mental principle of playing "Joker Smile", in which it is important to become the owner of all seven complementary NFT talismans for a certain period of time (not more than seven months), but much more important to Cognize the essence of the Success Formula itself and determine by oneself the value (Spiritual, intellectual or financial-material) that One receives from the metagame with Joker Smile. And after realizing the value to give (sell) the NFT-talisman to another Person, fulfilling the principle of the Golden Rule of Morality. ("received is given," the Person fulfills the principle of the Law of Compensation, namely, to deliberately, share with another what one desires for oneself).

Welcome to the Successful Life. And see you in WEB 3.0!

Peace be with you! Always yours CJ

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