A surge of new unrest in the World


As everyone is well aware, due to recent actions related to Ukraine, Russia, and sanctions, fuel prices have risen to their record highs, leading to great unrest in the masses. Let's take a closer look at some of them:


Protests have already begun to rumble in Spain since mid-March, when a number of carriers announced an indefinite strike, after March 19 in the north of the country, in Oviedo, farmers and truckers protested against rising gasoline and diesel prices, and after a couple of days in Barcelona, and soon in Madrid as well.

Protesters gathered outside the Ministry of Transportation with slogans that the oil companies were robbing people and the government was doing nothing. In addition, a bridge between Spain and Portugal was set on fire. This is how Spanish sailors are trying to prevent people from going to the neighboring country for fish, while Spanish ships can't go fishing because the fuel is too expensive.

Of course, the government attached importance to this and on March 25 promised to compensate 20 euro cents of the price of each liter of fuel (in total it will spend 600 million euros), but judging by the news, it's not much reassured the population.

The protests were organized by the National Platform for Transport Protection.


In France, there were also protests against rising fuel prices, mostly by farmers, cab drivers and truckers.

On March 16 in Marseilles, protesters nearly burned down one of the neighborhoods.

On March 14 in Brittany, about 40 carriers gathered in front of the region's prefecture in Rennes at the call of the National Federation of Motor Carriers and denounced the fuel price hikes. On March 15, the oil depots of Lorient (Morbihan department) and Brest (Finistère department) were blocked by fishermen, truckers, and farmers. Of the approximately 200 protesters, half were fishermen. They blocked fuel tankers with tractors and trucks.


On March 12, there was a protest in Cologne, organized by a trucking company from Bergheim. The drivers merely gathered their trucks in one place, and did not hold a rally.

On March 20, there was a rally of Hamburg truckers, who drove through the center of Hamburg honking their horns. The haulers protested against fuel price hikes and additional taxes imposed by the government. About 300 vehicles participated in the protest.

It would be logical to see protests by farmers, whom the fuel price hikes put in very difficult conditions.


There were also protests against rising food prices and fuel costs in Tirana, the capital of Albania.


In Italy, truckers wanted to stop work completely and go on an indefinite strike. But they were not allowed to take such a drastic measure by the court, because there was no advance notice of the action. In addition to them, they complain about the rise in fuel prices for tourism workers and farmers. There is also an unverified information that in Italy due to the crisis in Ukraine 100 thousand agricultural enterprises can be closed.

To summarize the EU:

The situation in general is not calm, the protests over rising fuel prices are definitely an issue for the entire EU and a solution to this issue is not expected soon, although it is worth noting that special attention is paid to this and in general countries are beginning to take measures to stimulate the economy and support the population.

Example: The Italian government has approved a package of measures amounting to 14 billion euros to alleviate the situation of citizens and companies suffering from soaring prices for energy, fuel and food. In addition, authorities announced another 15.5 billion euro bailout program, "so a total of two percent of GDP will be allocated to support the economy," Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said after a government meeting Monday evening, May 2.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka defaulted on its debt for the first time in its history as the country struggles with its worst financial crisis since the island's independence in 1948. On May 25, the 30-day grace period for repaying unpaid interest on the $78 million debt expired.

But mass protests on the island began as early as March, the reason for the steep rise in the price of everything: housing, gasoline, and food prices have risen more than 30 percent this year and continue to rise. For a country that is not rich, this is extremely significant, very many people live below the poverty line.


Before we could say goodbye to Covid-19, here we are again.

I think many people have already heard about new outbreaks of a viral disease called Monkeypox. At the time of writing (03.06.22) there are more than 200 confirmed cases worldwide in 20 countries outside the normal range of the virus (Southern and Central Africa). The European Union and the United Kingdom have the most cases, followed by the United States, Canada and Australia. The reasons for the spread of the disease have not been determined, as the people who have fallen ill have not had any contact with people who have been in southern and central Africa or have not been there themselves.

The WHO expects an increase in cases and is calling on the health authorities of the countries to be more prepared, but claims that the risk to the global public is not high at the moment.

An interesting fact is that men who have recently had sexual intercourse with other men have the highest incidence of the disease.
We will attach for you the most updated information at this time regarding Monkeypox, you can read it here.
General information about Monkeypox.

We also urge you to be cautious and aware, we greatly appreciate you and want you to be healthy!

Keep your nose to the wind and know that Fortune, Luck and Success always favor you when you are with us!

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