Meta Joker for the representatives of Humanity

Hello to all who believe in themselves and have a reason and right to call themselves a representative of Humanity!

Era Nova DAO and the Meta-Joker Project is an international initiative that offers a real plan of action for social transformation aimed at achieving a peaceful and sustainably developing global civilization.

The Meta-Joker project offers meta-mining as an alternative direction for a society in which the rights to self-expression of a person are not only claimed on paper, but also brought to life.

Meta-Joker represents a view of the future not from the standpoint of what it will be, but what it can be if we use the knowledge, technologies and opportunities available to us to achieve a new stable global civilization of a New Era of creative format of living.

We call for a targeted approach to reconstruct a culture in which the perennial problems of war, poverty, hunger, as well as pollution of the Soul, the environment and unreasonable human suffering are seen not only as solvable, but also as completely unacceptable.

Any smaller changes will lead to a repeat of the same consumer problems that exist today.

Era Nova DAO offers the meta-mining ecosystem as an alternative vision thaa is incomparable with any hitherto known political, economic or social system.

This foresees a time in the near future when money, politics, personal and national interests go to the dustbin of history, which we are seeing.

This picture may seem idealistic, but it is based on the Ethics of Reciprocity (the Golden Rule) and decades of research and experimental work carried out by the Operators of the New Era in building the Planetary Creative Community.

The project offers solutions in a variety of areas: economics, consumerism, meta education, clean energy sources, integrated urban life support systems, efficient logistics and much more.

Many of you believe that new, higher standards of morality are needed, as well as the adoption of international laws and agreements that would guarantee sustainable development for the world community. Since prehistoric times, we are already having this Law - this is the Law of Reciprocity - "What you want for yourself, wish for another. For what you wish for another, willingly or unwillingly, then you get it for yourself."

But even if we elect the most decent people to public office, we cannot avoid many problems if there is no expediency in the allocation of resources. As long as only a few countries control most of the world's resources, and when monetary profits come first, the same conflict events will be repeated over and over again.

With the growing scale of tasks and scientific information, people are increasingly faced with common threats that go beyond the borders of one state. Overpopulation, lack of energy, pollution, lack of water, economic disasters, the spread of uncontrolled diseases and the displacement of human labor by AI, all of these can threaten each of us.

Even though many people are trying to mitigate the situation, our social and environmental concerns remain unresolved as long as only a few powerful states and financially interested parties control and consume most of the world's resources.

Agree, our methods of allocating resources through monetary relations no longer suit us. Moreover, they contradict our survival.

Today we have the most advanced technologies, but our social and economic systems are far behind technological progress.

We could easily create the World of Abundance for all people, the World without selfishness and enmity, the World based on the ethics of Reciprocity and the experience of ancestors. With the intelligent and humane application of science and AI technologies, the people of the Earth will be able to jointly determine the course of development of the future, while transforming the environment and themselves respectively. No money will be enough to carry out these plans. However, we have more than enough opportunities to help each other.

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