Who are you, a Free Man or a Modern Slave? Part 8

You humans must realize that the path of becoming a Free Man is so multifaceted that it will affect literally every aspect of your existence. Some of it may seem silly or idiotic to you, beyond all common sense and logic. Such your possible reaction is not without reason - it is the result of substituted information (or its absence) and a defense mechanism of the system in which you live.

Let me explain. Have you ever smelled cilantro? Most people dislike this herb as it has a frankly stinky smell and soapy taste. However, what would you say if I told you that cilantro has such a flavor only for those people who have an excessive amount of parasites in their blood. For a healthy person, cilantro has a pleasant herbal flavor and a slight nutty aftertaste. Cilantro is an amazing product that has a huge amount of useful vitamins, trace elements and properties such as blood purification, anti-parasitic effect and immunity strengthening. Many people don't even realize how many aspects and habits of your life are dictated to you by someone else, parasites in the blood are just one example.

The control system you are in uses the same principle as parasites. It tries to keep you away from anything that will prevent it from manipulating you, namely a clear mind and a healthy body in all aspects. At first misunderstandings are normal, in time everything will fall into place the main thing is to be open to new information. If you are so unsure of what I will talk about below, I assure you that you will not get worse than you are, and I guarantee you changes.

For easier understanding and subsequent assimilation of the readings, I have divided the way of achieving Freedom into a certain number of sections. However, this is not quite right, because in essence it is one inseparable process and the perception of its components by separate elements can lead to a rather gross mistake, which will bring the whole result to nothing, so remember this.

You will not achieve significant results in one section if you neglect the others or even one of them. This is one of the difficulties of starting training, as beginners are faced with big changes that they are not used to. Try to see and understand the relationship between the sections, by understanding the logic of development you will realize where you are slacking and what point you should work harder on now. Each of the sections is directly related to the others.
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